Redhat Networking

Redhat Networking and Administration

Tutor Led, Practical Oriented and Hands-on Vocational Training

Certifications RED HAT Duration : 146 hrs

If you would like to establish your competence in Redhat Linux, this course is designed for you! Redhat Linux certification demonstrates your abilities in this field to your (potential) employer. This will help market your skills and increase your career opportunities. Though there are no prerequisites to take this training, you should have the technical know-how and be ready to take on professional responsibilities.

This content-rich hands-on course is taught for 6 weeks and included are unlimited practice hours, will lead to a Redhat Certification. The instructor for this training is a Certified Redhat lecturer and it is taught in London.

The training includes all aspects of Redhat Linux, including operating system concepts, hardware related configuration, UNIX commands, user and group administration, TCP/IP and network configuration, DNS, file systems and configuring sendmail, etc.

Upon successful completion, the Redhat certification makes you a possible candidate for System Engineer/Administrator and Network Administrator roles, where Redhat Linux is being used.

■ Redhat Certification ■ Redhat Certification + Sun Solaris ■ Cisco CCNA + Redhat Certification