PINAKI can help you budget and plan for the future with confidence. PINAKI appreciates that every organisation is unique and takes time to understand your objectives to help you reach them. PINAKI’s customers have always benefited from our experience and ability to provide strategic assistance with the analysis of current and future needs and the subsequent effects on the IT infrastructure. We help identify how technology can improve IT performance and solutions are designed to meet both strategic and budgetary requirements. IT security consultancy can advise on best practice for data and systems security and implement processes to keep your organisation and customers secure.

Why Choose PINAKI?

■ Knowledge and resource of experienced and qualified Engineers and Consultants
■ Thorough planning and analysis optimising return on investment and future expenditure
■ Analysis of infrastructure changes highlighting business and technical impacts
■ Tried and tested best practice processes and technologies
■ Project risk analysis
■ Consideration of present and future commercial and technical objectives


■ IT Infrastructure and Options Analysis
■ Systems Integration
■ Network Analysis
■ Troubleshooting
■ IT Compliance
■ Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Policy and Planning
■ IT Education
■ Server and storage consolidation, optimization and virtualization
■ System implementations, migrations and maintenance
■ Storage simplification, protection and management
■ High availability and disaster recovery
■ Backup, recovery and archiving
■ Security and compliance
■ Networking and mobility
■ Unified communications and voice

Our Focus areas include

Wi-Fi: Wireless solution in house or campus wise using indoor and outdoor AP.
Network Security/UTM/Firewall: Firewall, VPN, Anti – Virus, Anti Spam, IDP(Intrusion Detection and Prevention) Content Filtering, Bandwidth Management, Multilink Manager
Fiber Termination/Splicing: Laying of fiber through campus, Fiber termination & splicing of 6 core, 12, 24, 48, open trenching & HDD work.
VPN Solution: VPN, intranet solution with IPSec or GRI based Tunnels with advance security solutions.
Radio/RF Connectivity: RF connectivity Point-to-Point or Point –to-Multipoint with using of spectrum 2.4Ghz,2.7Ghz,5.3Ghz.
VoIP Solutions: VoIP solution with no charges of calling within an organization.
Video Conferencing Solution: Video Conferencing solutions for corporate meetings and e-learning programs.Point to Point and Point to Multipoint
Structured Cabling: Cable laying, cable dressing and routing with proper manner.
Network Integration & Consultancy: Design and consultancy of LAN and WAN Solutions.
Survelliance Security: CCTV, RFID/Biometric Based Time Attendance system


IT design is not only about the latest technology; first and foremost it’s about meeting your organisations strategic needs.
PINAKI plays an important partner role with its customers to ensure that any new IT installation is perfectly aligned to strategic requirements. Design considerations cover a wide range of issues such as layout, capacity planning, security, and, perhaps most-importantly, return on investment.
PINAKI’s focus is to design fast, functional, secure, resilient, scalable, and predictable IT solutions in harmony with existing and new applications that deliver optimum performance and return. Current infrastructure and operational practices are always taken into account to provide a balance between new and old, causing as little disruption to the organisation as possible and to leverage maximum return on existing investments.

Why Choose PINAKI?

■ Knowledge and resource of experienced and qualified Design Engineers
■ Thorough planning and analysis optimising return on investment and future expenditure
■ Analysis of infrastructure changes highlighting business and technical impacts
■ Tried and tested best practice processes and technologies
■ Project risk analysis
■ Consideration of present and future commercial and technical objectives


Fail to plan – plan to fail. The old adage – ‘fail to plan, plan to fail’ is never more true than with IT projects. Without effective planning any IT project is in danger of conflicting with the day to day running of the organisation and unscheduled or unexpected down time could be very costly.
By implementing modest methodologies PINAKI is able to provide a structured best-practice approach to project management for planning and design through to implementation and operational support. Project management consultancy is easily adaptable to suit the complexity of any project and the existing skill set available within the organisation. Project management is results driven and defines clear areas of responsibility and accountability, whilst promoting effective communication channels across all parties involved.
All PINAKI deployments are planned and effected by qualified technical engineering staff in each required discipline thereby ensuring technical accuracy of every installation. PINAKI Technical Accreditation is maintained under Service methodology ensuring strength in depth and minimising risk in people and skills.

Why Choose PINAKI?

■ Qualified Practioners
■ Qualified Technical Engineers in many disciplines under Skills Matrix
■ Structured project planning and design
■ Progress and quality reviews
■ Risk analysis and management
■ Change control guidelines to meet changing business objectives
■ Maintenance and development strategy
■ Consideration of present and future commercial and technical objectives


IT service management provides delivery and management of services and applications which are a cost effective and productive means of extending, enhancing or updating more traditional IT structures to meet ever changing technology and business needs.
The range of available managed services is a growth area in IT generally, be it hosted data-centre operations or ‘cloud-based’ delivery. IT service management functions can include day to day housekeeping, maintenance and management; advanced niche technologies such as IP telephony, messaging, video conferencing and firewalls; monitoring, reporting and trend-analysis of IT performance. PINAKI can provide a full and flexible range of managed services that address technical, operational and strategic objectives for business advantage and cost savings.

Why Choose PINAKI?

■ Expert advice on most appropriate service
■ Immediate access to a large pool of specialist skills and resources – on demand skill
■ Improved use of existing IT resources
■ Improved business flexibility
■ Better management control
■ Access to new IT technologies
■ Release from capital investment


ll solutions require careful selection of hardware and software. SICL can provide assistance with:
■ Brand Policy
■ Design and functionality
■ Integration with existing systems
PINAKI aim to add value to any hardware or software purchase and listen to your needs before researching the market to source the best options from a range of leading manufacturers.


The most critical thing for any organisation is the integrity and security of its data. Without adequate protection an organisation can fall victim to malicious attack or accidental data loss and/or disclosure which can damage reputation or breach compliance requirements.
PINAKI can help organisations in several ways:
■ Initial network and security design to best practice
■ Design and deployment of operational policies and procedures to mitigate security risk
■ Ongoing vulnerability test including penetration test, social engineering test and cyclical security review
Security design is tailored to balance operational performance whilst minimising risk; often a tricky and time consuming task requiring specialist knowledge and strict attention to detail. With the objective of creating the ‘self-defending network’ PINAKI can work with you to configure security to precise requirement without compromising functionality and performance including wired, wireless, and remote access across borderless networks.
As a security Reseller PINAKI has many years experience in designing and deploying effective secure solutions. With a range of other hardware and software solutions available SICL can also assist with regular security assessment including: vulnerability assessment; vulnerability testing; penetration testing; social engineering testing; external and internal port and IP scanning; wireless scanning assessment; 802.1x and NAC readiness assessment and security gap analysis to PCI DSS standard.
Support. You get on with the business of running your business.
IT failure can cost money, reputation and confidence both inside and outside the organisation. SICL provides comprehensive IT support packages to suit the needs of your organisation and we are passionate about providing real value from our services. With active Real-Time monitoring, we can alert you to problems before they’ve impacted your organisation and with scheduled checks we can maintain your active hardware and servers to ensure optimum health.
Flexibility is the key to our managed IT support services which can be formulated to exactly match your requirements. Be it first, second, or third line, remote or on-site, we can create a support package to suit with a dedicated Service Manager responsible for the SLA to your business.

Why Choose PINAKI?

■ Flexible arrangements
■ Up to 24x7x365 cover
■ Real-Time monitoring
■ Scheduled checks
■ Benchmark Reports
■ Change Management
■ Remote and/or On-Site Engineers