PINAKI Networks provides high quality, affordable Industrial training in Chandigarh and customized computer training classes. We cater to the corporate community by offering the latest Industrial training and Industrial certification classes and Industrial Training like Computer Certification Courses, Cisco certified courses, Microsoft certified course and Linux certified.

■ Technology :  Windows Server 2008, VPN/MPLS, Networks Securities, Linux   ■ Project:   Live Project   ■ Experience Certificates: 6 Months Training & Project Certificate by PINAKI Networks.

Industrial Training

Industry wants highly adaptable graduates with relevant industrial experience and excellent communication skills, as industrial experience is a key component of all our engineering and technology degrees. Our established network of hundreds of industrial contacts offers you unrivalled support.

All of our certification programs provide the opportunity for all students to gain significant and valuable industrial experience. Students following the Computer Science Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Information Technology, BCA/MCA, Product Design Engineering, and Sports Technology programs, and opting to enroll for industrial experience are provided this opportunity as a complete year of monitored, salaried training with a company, after the second year of academic studies. The Innovative Manufacturing Engineering program includes Industrial Training as an integral part of the degree structure.


We will make every effort to aid you in your applications with the guidance of our Professional Training and the PINAKI’s Careers Service. If you are not already registered, you can opt to enroll for industrial training at any stage during final year of academic study. You will still be registered as an undergraduate student during the industrial training, but at very significantly reduced fee levels.  This allows us to provide you with dedicated academic support during your industrial training and maintains all of the benefits and opportunities that are associated with being an undergraduate student.

All industrial training under the PINAKI Networks is monitored by the Professionals with regular visits with you in the other companies, to check on progress and opportunities.

Returning students at the end of the industrial training, often benefit from sponsorship arrangements from the host company, for the final stages of academic study. In many cases, students may also have initial offers of further employment at the end of their degree programs. The industrial training is highly beneficial, with students enrolled on the option often performing better in their final academic studies and gaining a higher degree average, than those students who opt not to take part in industrial training.